Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's a....


We had our ultrasound this morning. Everything went well and so far we've got a healthy baby boy working on getting here June 30th. The tech said there was no mistaking it. We're excited to know, and I'm excited to start shopping! Emma still doesn't quite get it. She watched what was going on pretty intently, but looked very confused when we told her that was her new baby brother on the screen.

Dan's mom came into town to be there for the occasion. It's been fun to have her here. She's treating us by spending one-on-one time with Emma today. Dan and I are going to head out and get massages and then go to dinner. An early Valentine's day treat. Happy Valentine's day to you all!
(Disclaimer: I tried to send an email out to all friends and family. If you didn't get it, please check your spam box.)