Thursday, January 8, 2009

Much needed update...

Can you believe I've been accused of being a bad blogger? The nerve, huh? Joy and Jason... this update is dedicated to you. :)
Dan and Sam
This picture just cracked me up. They both have that "I'm not amused" look on their face.

I love this kid!!!

Christmas - Notice there are no ornamants on the tree. Emma has been worse this year about taking them off, more than any other year. She had a gift bag she would collect them into. I give up!

Decorating for Christmas

Sam has the best smiles!

This was Emma's thoughts about ice skating. Not her thing!

Wish I had a video of her getting off of the merry-go-round. Can you say DIZZY?

Thanksgiving at the Children's Museum - So much fun- Thanks Cheek family!

Thanksgiving - Indiana - Children's Museum - (Like my double chin?)

Sammy - 4 months old