Monday, October 29, 2007

New toy... hours of fun!

Emma has been glued to this toy ever since I brought it home for her on Saturday morning. It took her just a few minutes and she had it all figured out. It was so fun to watch her spinning all day. Pretty soon she started lining up her stuffed animals and requested that I help each one take a turn as well. She has a couple of stuffed bunnies that she's been packing around with her everywhere lately. They've even used the potty. Speaking of that, I've been a bad mom with potty training. Last Tuesday Emma spilled a glass of water all over my laptop- I'm still hoping my files can be recovered. Then at the end of the day she managed to spill a full bottle of sesame seeds all over the kitchen. Yes, I know it's my fault for leaving those things within her reach... So anyway, after a week of similar similar experiences I'd had it and I haven't been very consistent with reminding/helping her to go.


Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I loved hearing her voice almost as much as I loved hearing yours! I miss you! You are such a cute mom!

I was laughing about her taking her toys to go potty. What smart toys she has!

Okay, I think this is a toy we need to try out! I don't think PERC carries those, dang it.

Leslie said...

So fun! She really loves that thing! She is so cute. I bet it was so fun to watch her with that the first time and trying to figure it out.

Brian & Kristy said...

That was cute. I was so up and down with mine when it came to potty training....Started experimenting when they were super young, then eventually I'd hit the spot where I knew she's old enough for sure and then that'll give you the motivation to go 100% with it. Seems like from there, it's hasn't ended up being a huge task (maybe I've been lucky) Good luck!!!